Chairman’s Letter

With growing demands of global customers to get quality products, our trading house Ayman Shahin Group founded in 1991, launched the 7th sister company “Ayman Shahin Export” in 2009 to provide our clients with an international presence and empower brands to reach their full potential, grow and develop. Our expertise for more than 30 years in brand development and the wide reach of Ayman Shahin Group allow “Ayman Shahin Export (ASE) to be one of the export leading companies in Egypt. At Ayman Shahin Export we understand the changes in markets and can adapt to it, which guide our clients to better competition in challenging markets while supporting them with tools to manage risk. Also, insights, innovation, and technology are our platforms to come up with the best solutions customized to the needs of each client in different markets and implement better services. Sustainability is the key factor behind our long-standing growth, which means maintaining our competitive advantages.

Accordingly, we guarantee our clients the best purchase options, beyond sale potentials and the highest market share.

We are looking to be your preferred partner, who ensures easy access to markets and continuous profitable growth.

Ayman Shahin